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    range of business with cost effective,
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  • Quick and efficient is the very definition of the Home Guard System. If you'd asked me a week ago whether or not I thought it was possible to get as far...
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Pre-Sales Questions

How do you distribute paid versions?
A:  All paid versions are distributes under EULA - included in downloading archive. You may download it from here: EULA.

Are SGS's free versions is absolutely free?
A:  Yes, all our free versions are free of charge. You can use them for yourself or in your projects. All free versions are distributes under EULA - included in downloading archive. To get more info, please download and read this license here.

Can SGS's programs be used on multiple machines (computers)?
A:  Our software can not be used on multiple machines (computers). We grant you the right to download and to install one (1) copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT and use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on your computer. In case you wish to use multiple copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT you must obtain additional licenses.

Can I use your programs in commercial applications?
A:  Yes, our programs may be used in commercial applications.

What type of payments do you accept?
A:  We accept credit card, debit card or PayPal payments.

Note: look HERE how to pay with your credit card or PayPal account.

Read HERE how you can pay directly with money from your bank account.

How do I get the products, that were ordered by me?
A:  After you have placed an order, you will receive an email within few minutes. It will contain order number, payment information, your account details. From this moment you could download all purchased products and updates (that come in future) from your personal account on SGS.

Can I update the order with lifetime updates?
A:  You may purchase lifetime updates while ordering a product or later. On ordering simply click on [Change] link and select appropriate updates option, then proceed to checkout. To purchase lifetime updates when you already have a product, simply log into your Customer Account, go to Products -> My Products and click on Buy Updates button that appears near appropriate product.

Customer Support Questions

How can I find products updates, do I have to keep checking back?
A:  We have an optional newsletter and an announcements page where such details can be found. Also you can download updates from your account. To do this, simply log in to your account: http://www.securityguardsystems.com/index.php?customer=login and select Available Updates from the Products menu.

Do you offer support for your free programs?
A:  No, we do not offer any support for our free products and services, but you can post questions on our forum.

How do I leave my Feedback?
A:  We encourage our members to leave Feedback after purchasing or trying a free product. Even though it's voluntary, leaving Feedback builds trust and lets other customers know about your experience. You can leave a positive, neutral or negative rating!

Click here to Leave Your Feedback!

How to Become an Affiliate?
A:  If you have a website and would like to make some real money from ad revenue and other peoples products then affiliate links are the way to go. Follow this link to register with our Free Affiliate Partnership.

Development Questions

What to do if I can not run a program?
A:  Report a bug here (recommended) or send us e-mail. You may also write us using Contact Us online form.

What to do if I found bug/s?
A:  Report a bug here (recommended) or send us e-mail. You may also write us using Contact Us online form.

If I purchase a product through your site can you make modifications to it?
A:  Yes, we have many clients come to us to modify and upgrade their programs, but you have to contact us to discuss the details of modifications you need.